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Advertising in The Valley Diary
The Valley Diary is funded by our valued supporting advertisers. If you want to talk to us about partnership in this respect, in order to grow your business and help us to keep The Valley Diary going, please get in touch with David Mather, who looks after our accounts, advertising and finance.
Available Advert Sizes

Standard Portrait = 660mm high x 600mm wide

Standard Landscape = 600mm high x 660mm wide

Double Landscape = 660mm high x 1,200mm wide

Double Portrait = 1,200mm high x 600mm wide

Quarter Page Landscape = 900mm high x 1,300mm wide

Quarter Page Portrait = 1,300mm high x 900mm wide

Quarter Page Letterbox = 600mm high x 1,800mm wide

Half Page Landscape = 1,300mm high x 1,800mm wide

Half Page Portrait = 1,800mm high x 1,300mm wide

Full Page = 2,600mm high x 1,800mm wide


The preferred image format for finished artwork is JPEG, however, we can work with other formats if needed. Please be sure to send artwork by email directly to our Editor, Ted Salmon, at editor@valleydiary.org. Please be sure to supply as high resolution as possible so that we can make sure your advert looks as clear as possible. If you need help with designing or creating your advert, please email Ted for help. There may be a small charge for this service, depending on the amount of work involved.